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Preddict.ai is an innovative and highly effective program which increases the percentage of rehabilitated addicts, more rapidly and for prolonged periods of time. Our program can be seamlessly incorporated into existing rehabilitation programs, complementing and enriching the various therapies in each center. Preddict.ai combines the knowledge and expertise of renowned professionals in the field of addiction, together with unique software that assists and accompanies both caregivers and patients. The uniqueness of our program is the use of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a natural neurosteroid that was shown to affect relapse to drug use in the long term. Our unique algorithm calculates the precise dose of DHEA required for each individual patient, based on comprehensive assessments. Our approach has been thoroughly examined in studies conducted under strict governmental supervision, and shows an approximately 30% increase in the amount of long-term rehabilitated addicts. Our program boosts and supports the detoxification and rehabilitation process, and helps patients regain a normal life in a shorter amount of time.


Our group is headed by international experts on addiction in general, and treatment with DHEA in particular. We provide medical accompaniment and guidance, together with novel software enabling exceptionally high statistical prediction of outcome. These elements provide rehab centers with the online support to enhance the prospects for long-term treatment success.


Preddict.ai's innovative program supports and enhances the prospects for successfully staying drug free. Thus, our unique program brings new hope to addicts, caregivers, and rehabilitation centers.


About Preddict.ai

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